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| Overview

With a further step in its mission and vision towards comfort and productivity of occupants in a building, the Carrier BMS system has introduced a new component into the system called the "Carrier Occupant App".

This Carrier Occupant App provides the ultimate tailored occupant experience, with an overridable zone control that allows for precise comfort adjustments by the Occupants of the building. 

For more information on the Occupant, app refers to the Occupant App.

| Providing Zone Level Controls for the Via Occupant App

The Carrier Occupant App is available in the Google play store and the Apple store for download.

Access to a particular zone via the app is provided from the ClimaVision Web UI by a primary or a secondary facility manager.

Below is the step to add an occupant to the user list, providing the zone level control.

| Creating Occupant Access

From ClimaVision Web UI home screen.

  • Access the user management section.

The user management section is displayed.

Under the building to which, you would like to add the occupant:

  • Click Add User option.

The Add user window is displayed.

  • Enter the details of the occupant like the email ID, first and last name, and phone number.

  • Select the role as occupant from the select role drop-down.

Once the occupant is selected for the user's role, a new field for defining the zone control is introduced in the add user window as below.

  • Use the Select Zones drop-down to select a zone, for which you would want to provide control to the occupant via the occupant app.

  • Set the temperature unit preference for the occupant.

  • Click the Add to add the occupant and provide the zone level control.

The user added successfully message is displayed.

The occupant user gets added and receives a notification email as below:

| Viewing Occupants Added

From ClimaVision Web UI home screen.

  • Access the user management section.


The user management section is displayed.

You can view the occupants provided with the zone level control under the section

| Editing Occupants Added

  • Click the edit  icon next to the occupants displayed.

The edit window for editing the occupant details is displayed.

  • Make the necessary edits and click Save Edit to save the changes made.

| Deleting Occupants Added

  • Click the delete  icon next to the occupants displayed.

The deletion confirmation window is displayed.

  • Click Confirm to delete the occupant.



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