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Acronym Term
AC Alternating Current
ACD Automatic Control Damper
AHU Air Handling Unit
AI Analog Input
AO Analog Output
ATC Automatic Temperature Control
AUX Auxiliary
BAS Building Automation System
BACnet Building Automation and Control Systems
BDD Back Draft Damper
BI Binary Input
BIS Building Intelligent System
BMS Building Management System
BO Binary Output
CCU Central Control Unit
CFM Cubic Feet per Minute
CI Comfort Index
CM Control Mote
CT Current Transformer
CTH Ceiling Temperature and Humidity
CO Carbon Monoxide
CO2 Carbon Dioxide
VVT-C Dynamic Airflow Balancing
DAT Discharge Air Temperature
DC Direct Current
DCV Demand Control Ventilation
DI Digital Input
DO Digital Output
DP or DPS Differential Pressure Sensor 
DTH Duct Temperature and Humidity
EA Exhaust Air
EAD Exhaust Air Damper
EAHU Exhaust Air Handling Unit
EAT Entering Air Temperature
EF Exhaust Fan
EUH Electrical Unit Heater
FCU Fan Coil Unit
FTH Flush Temperature and Humidity
HMD Humidity
HTG Heating
IAQ Indoor Air Quality
ITM Intelligent Temperature Mote
IFTT If This Then That
LCM Lighting Control Module
LAT Leaving Air Temperature
MAT Mixed Air Temperature
MAU Makeup Air Unit
MUA Makeup Air 
NC Normally Closed
NO Normally Open
NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide
OAO Outside Air Optimizer
OAD Outside Air Damper
OAT Outside Air Temperature
PRV Pressure Reducing Valve
RAD Return Air Damper
RAT Return Air Temperature
RF Radio Frequency
RPM Revolutions per Minute
RTS Remote Temperature Sensor
RTH Remote Temperature and Humidity (renamed 'Wall Sensor') 
RTU Roof Top Unit
S Sensor
SAD Supply Air Damper
SAT Supply Air Temperature
SCT Saturated Condensing Temperature
SD Smart Damper
SN SmarNode 
SS Smart Stat 
SPLY Supply
T Temperature, Thermostat
TSP Total Static Pressure
UH Unit Heater
V Volts, Vent, Volume
VAV Variable Air Volume
VFD Variable Frequency Drive
VOC Volatile Organic Compound
VRF Variable Refrigerant Flow
VRV Variable Refrigerant Flow
VSD Variable Speed Drive
WCM Wireless Ceiling Module
WH Water Heater
WTD Water Temperature Difference
WTH Wireless Temperature and Humidity (renamed 'Wireless Wall Sensor') 
WRM Wireless Room Module



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