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| Configuring Modbus

On the CCU Settings page, you can configure Modbus by selecting the baud rate, parity, data, and stop bits that are already set across all slave devices in the network. In any network, there can be up to 32 slave devices. For example: In a network, there can be 25 energy meters or a combination of 10 energy meters, 5 UPS, and 8 RRS, or any other combination. But for the slaves, the Modbus configuration setting must be the same.

To configure Modbus:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Select Modbus Config as shown.


  1. Enter the following fields:

Field Name


Baud Rate

Select a baud rate from the dropdown list. Values are 9600, 19,200, or 38,400.


Select parity from the dropdown list. Values are None, Odd, or Even.

Data Bits

Select data bits from the dropdown list. Values are 7 and 8.

Stop Bits

Select stop bits from the dropdown list. Values are 1 and 2.

Example: In the following example, the user is adding a PAC unit of a particular company by choosing the desired equipment model of a company from the Equipment Type dropdown list as shown. The user will then get an option to select the device address (slave ID) that can be any whole number between 1 - 247. Once the equipment type is selected, all the parameters related to that equipment are displayed. The user can select all those parameters that are required for that site. 



Sample of Equip Type Selection and Start Address setting:

  • Schneider APC UPS Model 1 Slave ID 1 
  • C System WLD Model 2 Slave ID 2 
  • Masers WLD Model 2 Slave ID 2 
  • Flaktwood PAC Model 1 Slave ID 4 
  • Vertiv UPS Model 2 Slave ID 18 
  • C Systems RRS Model 2 Slave ID 38 

Note: Any Modbus Zone support that is added can be multi-module, but it can support only Modbus type modules. Modbus module cannot be clubbed with other Carrier® modules.  

| Pairing Modbus

In the CCU UI floor planner, Modbus is an additional type of support integrated into the system while pairing modules.  

To pair Modbus in CCU:

  1. Click Floor Layout tab and select Add Floor+.
  2. Add a zone as shown.


  1. Click Pair Module+ and select device type as MB (Modbus).


  1. Click Modbus Equipment to hook up a Modbus equipment to monitor electricity consumption.

The Modbus Equipment page is displayed.


  1. Select the equipment from the Equipment Type dropdown list.
  2. Select Slave ID from the dropdown list.

    Note: Each equipment type will have a unique slave ID ranging from 0 to 247.
  3. Enable the parameters you want to monitor.
  4. Click Set.






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