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| How to determine if a SmarNode zone has stopped communicating and possible remedies

Objective - Use ClimaVision Web UI Heatmap Zone condition indicators to determine if there is a communication issue between the SmarNode and the CCU.  



| Normal State

Normally, a SmarNode zone on a heat map shows a healthy green, indicating that the zone is close to the desired setpoint. In the example below, one of the zones is overly warm, and the other a little chilly, but you can tell the SmartNodes are fully functioning since the colors are solid and the current temperature is displayed beneath the zone name.



| Symptoms

In the example below, the larger zone on the right displays with diagonal lines instead of a solid color. Those diagonal lines indicate the zone is in a Zone Dead condition. The current temperature will also display as '0'.  Those are symptoms that the SmarNode is either no longer able to provide a temperature or communicate at all to the CCU.




| Remedy

Remedy for a Sensor IssueThe first thing to try when you see a zone in the Zone Dead condition would be to look at the display of the SmarNode to see if it is lit up. There should be the name of the zone and other status indicators.  If there is a good display, unplugging and replugging the sensor connection (top right side of the SmarNode labeled RTS) may resolve the issue. If that does not resolve the issue, the sensor itself may need to be replaced. 

Remedy for a Power IssueA SmarNode needs constant 24VAC power to run. If you look at the display of a SmarNode and it is a blank screen, please verify that the wires going into the left side of the SmarNode labeled 'Power In' are properly seated and providing around 24VAC.  If the SmarNode is getting the proper voltage but does not have a lit display, it may need to be replaced.

Remedy for a Connection Issue - If the SmarNode is powered up and shows a good temperature on its display, but is still not providing that data to ClimaVision Web UI, it may be due to a communication issue between the SmarNode and CCU.  To resolve that issue, delete the SmarNode module from the CCU and re-pair the SmarNode.  Otherwise, contact Carrier support to troubleshoot a potential range issue.  





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