| Overview

A Named schedule is a type of schedule that is introduced in the 75F system to make scheduling easier for the Facility and the Organization managers. Being an organization manager who handles the BMS for multiple buildings, or a facility manager who handles many zones in a building, it is a tedious and time-consuming task to go and add or update the zone schedules for the individual zones in every building handled. With the introduction of the Named Schedule in the 75F system, the organization manager can set schedules for individual zones in multiple buildings. It is achieved with just a selection from a dropdown. When the set schedule is to be changed, making the change in the named schedule created will update the change in all the places the schedule is applied.

| Accessing a Named Schedule

  • Login to the Facilisight App

The Heatmap page is displayed.

Media (1).jpg

  • Access the Zone to which you would like to add the named schedule.

Media (1).jpg

  • Click the Zone to access the widgets screen.

Media (21).jpg

  • Select the Named tab from the schedule screen to access the Named schedule.


  • Select the specific Named Schedule from the dropdown list.

Media (1).jpg

The Named Schedule screen is displayed.

Media (2).jpg

  • Click Set to named schedule.

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For more information on Named Schedules refer to Creating, Applying and Editing Named Schedules.

| Validations

For more information on named schedule validations refer to Scheduler Validations.




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