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| Introduction

Once a Named Schedule is created the same is made available for applying to the zones in all the buildings that fall under an organization.

| Applying Named Schedules

The Named schedule can be applied to the zone in a building, from two different places.

Applying from Heatmap Zone level Visualization Screen.

From the heatmap select the site or building in scope.


The Heatmap screen is displayed.


  • Click the Zone to visualize the predefined visualizations screen.


  • Scroll to locate the schedule section in the screen.


  • Click Named Schedule option.



  • Click the dropdown in the Select Named Schedule field.

The list with the named schedule created for the organization is displayed.


  • Select the named schedule you wish to apply for the particular zone.

The widow to confirm the selection action is displayed.


  • Click Set.

The confirmation window is displayed with as following.


  • Click Confirm to apply.

The named schedule is applied and the zone would start using the named schedule for its HVAC needs.


Applying from Zones Screen.

From the zone screen in facilisight

  • Select the zone in scope.

The zone screen displays the zone details.


  • Scroll to locate the schedule section.


You can see the applied named schedule in effect.

You can use the drop down to select and apply another named schedule as below.


Note: Once the named schedule is applied, it cannot be edited from normal schedule pages like the zone or the building schedule, but only can be edited from the named schedule section in the internal portal.

| Nuances and Criterion Verified While Applying a Named Schedule

The system checks for a few nuances and criterion when trying to apply a named schedule to a zone, Only when all the criterion are met the system let the user to apply the named schedule.

Following are the criterion that are verified while applying a Named Schedule. 

  • The desired temperatures set for named schedule, must be within the Building desired temperature limits.
  • The Schedule duration set for named schedule, must be within the Building schedule duration limits.
  • The deadbands(cooling and heating ) for the named schedule, must be the same as the deadbands used for the module,

Even if one of the criterion is not met a warning window is displayed as below.

Desired Temperature Warning


In this case the named schedule applied is outside the desired temperature limits of the building.

The system does not allow you to apply the named schedule.

You can only go back and edit the named schedule to apply.

Deadband Warning


In this case the cooling deadband is a named schedule not the same as that of the module.

The system does not allow you to apply the named schedule.

You can only go back and edit the named schedule to apply.




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