Relating to ClimaVision communicating sensors (Wall Sensor, Multi Sensor, Duct Sensor V2.0, or DP Sensor) There are times when the location of the sensors is far away from the controller or when it is not desirable to pull the sensor wire with the connectors attached because of potential damage to the connectors. Also, since ClimaVision sensors are communicating or digital, they cannot be spliced multiple times since this will affect the communication between the controller and the sensor. 


A custom length cable can be built in the field without the use of special equipment or tools by having: 

  • Qty 2 -  Wire Adapter, 3 Pin to 3 Pin Terminal (Part # 7C-WA-C8X-X) (one is needed for each end)
  • 22 AWG 3 conductor with shield and drain Plenum rated cable (Specified cable is required)
    • cable of up to 300ft can be built to connect the Wall Sensor and Duct Sensor V2.0 to the controller
    • max recommended length is 150ft for Multi Sensor


  • Easy to install with the 3-pin connectors.

  • No temperature reading drops.
  • Controllers can all be placed in an office or centralized location for easy access.

Wiring Details:

3-wire to 3-wire custom cable diagram.png




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